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Hellsing OC Damaris by WolvesKey
Hellsing OC Damaris
Yet another character I've created on 'Dreamselfy', all credit goes to that site KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
This one is only a minor character, she is the Master of Kharis, my other Hellsing OC 

NAME: Damaris - meaning; gentle (it is uncertain whether this is her human name or a name she gave herself, perhaps to mock her darker nature?)

AGE: Unknown, though may be almost as old as Alucard

RACE: Vampire (No-Life-Queen), was once human, was reborn at age 44

EYE COLOUR: Originally blue, but now permanently dark red

FAMILY: All deceased
MATE/HUSBAND/LOVER/BOYFRIEND: Was betrothed to a man as a human, but he died from pneumonia on business trip, as a Vampire, she continuously searches for her Mate, but after taking Kharis as her Fledgling, that desire dimmed a little
FRIENDS: All deceased

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Steel fans, daggers and clawed hands

~Advanced regeneration
~Superhuman senses
~Superhuman speed
~Superhuman strength
~Gravity manipulation
~Shape-shifting (she can transform into many forms of darkness, some of animal origin i.e. hares, hawks, deer and bears, she can create "shadow" ropes that appear from anywhere - mostly through her back, material of her clothes or the floors and walls, with these she can manipulate freely to aide her in combat)
~Telepathy (she uses this with her Fledgling; Kharis)
~Minor precognition (can only see a few minutes into the future - mostly uses this in combat to predict her opponents' next moves)
~Minor summoning of familiars (can only sustain one summoning at a time)
~Advanced combat 
~Memory absorption (only through blood)
~Creation of Fledglings

PERSONALITY: Mature and sophisticated, a perfectionist and rather strict in her teachings, sometimes difficult to please. Damaris is witty and talkative, always the centre of attention, she can also be vindictive and callous to her enemies, often insulting them to rile them up. She prefers to negotiate rather than fight as she finds it tedious, but once she does fight she goes in for the kill, preferring to end her opponents quickly; she does not like torture unless it serves a purpose. She is quite motherly, affectionate and extremely protective towards Kharis, viewing her Fledgling as a daughter.

HISTORY: Very little is known about Damaris, only that she was betrothed to a man when she was human, it is uncertain at this point whether she cared for the man or not, but he died from Pneumonia on one of his business travels, she "died" a virgin spinster, but was obviously turned into a Vampire at some point. 
Nothing is known about her previous Master, only that her Master was male, it is assumed that he turned her and abandoned her not long after as when Kharis asks about him, Damaris simply replies "there isn't much to tell".

Damaris had to learn to be a Vampire (No-Life-Queen) all by herself and for many, many years she's searched for her Mate with little success.
It is upon her travels that she finds Kharis (as a human at this time and called Alva) being attacked by human men, noticing the blood upon the smaller girl's hands and the jagged rock she used to kill them, Damaris assumes (correctly) that the girl wasn't with the men willingly.
She steps in and kills them, before pausing, seeing the girl shivering and looking so lost, she asks the girl about herself, only receiving quiet and short answers. Upon hearing that Alva has nowhere to go and no one left for her in the world, Damaris offers Alva her "gift" and that she'll never be alone again, not before asking Alva if she's a virgin.
When Alva confirms that she is a virgin and eventually accepts the offer, Damaris turns the girl into her Fledgling, renaming her as "Kharis", informing her that her human life is over and she is now reborn with a second chance.

Damaris takes Kharis under her wing and for the next sixty years she teaches her Fledgling everything there is to know about being a Vampire (at this time, her desire to find her Mate has dimmed somewhat) and how to fight/defend herself. They live together in a small castle somewhere in England and are left alone for the most part. She comes to see Kharis as a daughter she'll never have naturally and reserves all of her affections for her Fledgling.

However, their peace is disturbed by a Lord and his soldiers coming to reclaim the castle and it's land, but Damaris and Kharis protect their territory fiercely and kill all but the Lord as he manages to flee throughout the chaos-though is wounded. He returns at a later date with Vampire Hunters impersonating as Catholic Priests and after battling them, Damaris is stabbed multiple times with holy relics, unable to heal quickly enough and slowly dying from blood loss, Damaris realises her time has ended and beseeches Kharis to drink her blood and become a No-Life-Queen.
Kharis is reluctant, but with further prompting from her Master, she decides to drink her blood.
Damaris passes away quietly and crumbles to dust not long before addressing her once-Fledgling to go forth and destroy their enemies; retake their home and conquer.

Hellsing OC Kharis by WolvesKey
Hellsing OC Kharis
I created this on Dreamselfy, once again it has pulled me into its clutches and I can't escape its awesomness! Blonde Cow (Shocked) (Flying hair) 
So all credit goes to that site :)

NAME: Kharis - meaning; charm/grace

AGE: Is hinted that she's at least 200 years old

RACE: Vampire (No-Life-Queen), was once human, was reborn at age 24

HAIR COLOUR: White-blonde
EYE COLOUR: Originally grey, but now permanently blood red

FAMILY: All deceased, was an only child
FRIENDS: All deceased

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Spiked mace, daggers, small pistol (rarely used) and clawed hands

~Advanced regeneration
~Superhuman senses
~Superhuman speed
~Superhuman strength
~Gravity manipulation
~Shape-shifting (she can transform into many forms of darkness, some of animal origin i.e. crows, rabbits, wolves, cats, bats - this is mostly used for spying purposes, she can create "shadow" arms/hands and barbed wires that appear from anywhere - mostly through her arms, back, material of her clothes or the floors and walls, with these she can manipulate freely to aide her in combat)
~Telepathy (she used this often with her former-now-deceased Master when she was still a Fledgling, but after becoming a No-Life-Queen moments before her Master's death, she had no reason to use this ability)
~Minor precognition (can only see a few minutes into the future - mostly uses this in combat to predict her opponents' next moves)
~Minor summoning of familiars (can only sustain one summoning at a time, always summons her deceased (female) Master as a last resort)
~Advanced combat (mostly sticks to using her spiked mace or her clawed hands to fight)
~Memory absorption (only through blood)
~Creation of Fledglings (she never uses this ability)

~Immunity to Vampiric Weaknesses (sunlight and silver have very little-to no affect on her, only holy relics can cause her real damage)
~Telepathy (she uses this with Alucard once they become mates and from that connection she can speak to Seras and Integra telepathically due to Alucard's bonds to them, thus forming bonds of her own to them as well)
~Sharpshooting skills (carries one pistol with her at all times as a precaution, she only gains this skill after meeting Alucard, he teaches her how to use a gun, see HISTORY for more details)
~Empathic projection (she can make others feel different emotions, Kharis uses this to calm those around her - mostly on Alucard when he becomes enraged or out of control, instantly soothing him with her presence/touch, downside to this is she has to be stood within metres of the person or be touching them for it to work, the latter being more affective)

PERSONALITY: Reserved and calm, always poised and graceful, often polite to those she is loyal too and mocking to her enemies/strangers.
She is more of an observer; often watching after others or sending one of her many shape-shifted animals to follow after them. She doesn't trust easily, initially questioning the motives of others this results in her giving others the cold shoulder, but once her trust is gained she is a most loyal ally.
Kharis is extremely protective and often-times possessive of those she deems worthy of her affections (usually reserved for Alucard, Seras, Integra and Walter) and will defend her loved ones to the death. She isn't quick to anger, but once she tips over the edge it takes a while for her to calm down; during this time she usually falls into a state of Bloodlust that only Alucard can help her with.
She is also very cruel to her enemies, killing them in brutal and callous ways without a care in the world; often with a smile.

LIKES/HOBBIES: Reading literature, hunting for prey, playing crib as well as various other card/board games, completing puzzles (mostly sudoku's) and taking long casual walks
FEARS: Dying alone, operating tables and most insects

HISTORY: Kharis was born in the late 1700's in Britain as a daughter of a Duke and Duchess with a different name (Alva; meaning brightness), they weren't very wealthy and held little power to their statuses, she grew up in a town with little trouble, she was well-liked and had a few friends.
However, she lost her parents when a gang of criminals broke into their home to steal what treasures they had and sell on for money. They killed her parents and stole Alva away with the intention of selling her.

One night during their travels, the men became a little frisky and started tormenting Alva, by shoving her about roughly and pulling her hair, calling her names. As they became rougher with her, Alva picked up a large jagged rock and used it as a weapon to fight off her kidnappers.
She kills a few of them with well-timed hits to their skulls, but is overpowered once more, the men in a fit of rage decide to not sell her and go to molest her but they are swiftly stopped by a beautiful woman, who after killing Kharis' kidnappers turns out to be a Vampire called; Damaris.

Having witnessed that night's events and understand that Alva was not with the men willingly, she offers her gift to Alva with the promise that she will look after her. Alva eventually agrees as she weighs up the odds of her returning to her home-town alive when she's stuck in the middle of a forest with no sense of direction or protection and with no family to claim her she was alone and penniless. She had nothing left to lose.

That night Damaris changed Alva into her Fledgling Vampire, pleased to find that Alva is still a virgin and renames her as "Kharis", telling her that now she is reborn, she will no longer cling to her past and start over with a new beginning.
For sixty years Kharis remains with Damaris as her Fledgling learning all she can from her about Vampires and her abilities, both perfectly happy with their bond as Damaris comes to see the young girl as the closest thing to a daughter she will ever have, they remain hidden away in what looks to be a run-down castle from the outside, but is actually a liveable home within.

It is on a winter's day a new Lord claiming to own the land returns to take back the castle, having learned of what he assumed to be squalors living in his castle, he calls for his soldiers to run them out, only to discover the Vampires within, the Lord barely escapes alive and flees for his life only to return later with skilled Vampire Hunters disguising themselves as Catholic Priests.
During an intense battle, Damaris is severely injured from holy relics and with no chance of recovery, she beseeches Kharis to finally drink her blood and become a No-Life-Queen, to gain more power to protect herself.
Kharis reluctantly agrees, not wanting to see her adopted mother perish but realises without freedom and power, she won't be able to win against the Hunters all by herself.
Damaris passes away quietly and crumbles to dust not long before addressing her once-Fledgling to go forth and destroy their enemies; retake their home and conquer.

Shortly after, Kharis defeats the remaining Hunters and spends the next few months securing the castle so that she may fall into her Hibernation with no disturbances. With nothing else to occupy her, Kharis Hibernates for the next 120 years only to be awakened in the modern era by Catholic Hunters invading her castle under an ancient rumour of a Demon dwelling within the castle-which is now no more than ruins stood upon a hill.
It is upon her awakening that she is sent into a Bloodlust, killing her enemies with her "shadow" arms and spiked mace; drinking their blood and eating their flesh that dared to disturb her sleep, basking in their screams.
Meanwhile miles away, Alucard who is now a servant to the Hellsing Organization feels the immense power of another Vampire no doubt in combat, but it is not just any Vampire, it is his destined Mate. 
He feels an intense longing to meet this Vampire and claim them for his own, though wonders why he is only now noticing The Pull. He relays part of this information to Integra, about there being another Vampire on the loose in a Bloodlust but withholds the other parts as a precaution.
Hearing this, Integra is rather sceptical-especially when Alucard insists on going alone without the Police Girl as his usual companion, but agrees in the end that it would be ideal to stop the Vampire before it causes too much trouble and is noticed by the public.

Kharis has finished feeding when Alucard appears before her, mightily impressed by the bodies of her enemies lay strewn about her in their own blood. He makes small talk, complimenting her on her handiwork, delighting in the thrill her overwhelming presence gives him.
Kharis demands softly as to why he has trespassed upon her territory, being so far gone with Bloodlust she doesn't immediately recognise the Bond between them, when he tells her he is here to claim her as his Mate, she challenges him to fight, finding the mere suggestion of a random male coming out of nowhere to claim her preposterous.
They fight and although Kharis holds her ground very well having not had much practise with her new abilities before her Hibernation, she eventually loses, though is relatively unharmed.
Alucard knocks her to the ground and pins her, telling her to calm down and "feel" him, she does so through sheer will-power alone-another impressive feat and eventually notices a strange longing sensation connecting them. His scent and intense power almost overwhelming her as she finally recognises who he really is.
In this quiet lapse Alucard goes to claim her by drinking her blood and then leading to intercourse, but she refuses and tells him that he will have to prove he is worthy of her as she has noticed the seals upon his hands, stating that she will not bind herself to someone who is under the service of another without knowing why.

Alucard agrees to this arrangement, immensely please that he's at least being given a chance, he returns to Hellsing Manor with Kharis and explains the situation with no small amount of humour.
At a stalemate, Sir Integra begrudgingly allows Alucard to court the female Vampire understanding that if he doesn't, then not only will it put yet more strain upon her and Alucard's "relationship" whereby he may become rebellious and fight the seals, but the female No-Life-Queen will be left to run off to kill others as she pleases. At least with her tied to Alucard, she can keep a close eye on Kharis.

She becomes acquainted with Integra and Walter, initially not knowing how to feel about the humans, though later forms a deep respect for them both as they are able to control and house two Vampires-especially with arguably the most powerful No-Life-king to ever exist.
She is then immediately introduced to Seras-the blonde Fledgling who's barely containing her excitement to meet her Master's Mate, where Alucard proudly states that when they complete their Bond, Seras will become her Childe as well. This stuns Kharis for some time, having never decided to have a Fledgling of her own, she finds sharing Seras a pleasant idea; thinking back to the familial Bond she felt with Damaris when she herself was a Fledgling and how she may be able to feel that again with Seras.

And so begins the courtship, Alucard-whilst still being his insufferable self to everyone else, goes out of his way to prove that he is worthy of being Kharis' Mate-much to the admiration and exasperation of onlookers, at the same time not understanding how she is able to fight off The Pull that links them both together.
He hunts food for her; providing for her, he takes her on a couple of missions whereby she is an observer only; proving his strength and that she'll be protected, he teaches her how to use modern weapons; showing that he will be patient with her and has much to teach her of the world, he insists she stay with him in his quarters; allowing her to get to know him better away from others, he also brings her gifts; further proving she will want for nothing, all the while refraining from anything beyond a few kisses and innocent touches at her own request; also showing that he respects her wishes and will at least make an effort to listen to her.
This goes on for months where Kharis is practically hidden away from the world within Alucard's chambers, allowing no other to come near her, he guards her fiercely with a jealous obsession bordering upon unhealthy and when she does leave their rooms, he always accompanies her, shadowing her everywhere she goes.
His protectivenesses is immediately noticed by the others, Integra does some research regarding her servants erratic mood-swings and discovers it's completely natural for him to feel this way, though she's not too amused by this, she orders the others to approach with extreme caution.
At this time, only Seras is allowed within close proximity to Kharis, as she will soon become the Childe to both of them, thus making her harmless.

However, much later when Kharis falls ill due to the strain of resisting The Pull, he reacts violently towards both Walter and Seras when they attempt to enter his chambers to examine Kharis' health, seeing as anyone coming too close as a threat. They back off after failing to reason with Alucard and decide to try again later.
Alucard remains with his mate, feeling her weakening through the barely established Bond and begs her to accept him so that their Bond can mend itself, with little reluctance, Kharis agrees, realising that it was futile to put it off any longer and agrees to be his. Overjoyed at this, he finally claims her as his and she becomes his eternal Bride.


Angel by WolvesKey
All credit goes to "inkscribble" on dolldivine for creating this fun dress-up game, I can't remember what it's called, but if you check the website, I'm sure you'll find it among the various others ;)

Also unoriginal title is unoriginal smile  
Summer at the Beach by WolvesKey
Summer at the Beach
All credit goes to; Rinmaru for this wonderful dress-up game "Anime Summer"  Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]  
Definitely check out her website; for various dress-up games, they're very good! Blushed Super Happy Flailing Cookie 

I modelled the characters after my old friends (2 of them I don't even hear from any more, but this brought back memories of good times I spent with them) and myself, just fancied sharing this with everyone-that and I was bored, lol
From left to right it goes; Carla, Lorna, Ellie then myself :)
X-Men OC Breeze by WolvesKey
X-Men OC Breeze
All credit goes to; Candy's World for creating the dress-up game "X-Girl" on Doll Divine Britney Spears Clapping 

Now I'm not a massive Marvel fan, mostly into X-Men, Deadpool and a bit of Spiderman, but I found this game really fun to give me so many options of clothing/make-up/hair/powers, so I figured, why not? :)

Unoriginal hero name is unoriginal that face XD 


AGE: 26

HAIR COLOUR: Light sandy blonde


FAVOURITE COLOUR: Yellow and blue

POWERS: ~ Control over all types of wind and air; ability to form tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones of extreme magnitudes, strong gusts that can lift/knock a foe away down to a gentle cool breeze.

~ Flight; easily manipulating the air currents she can fly at high speeds, float gently in the air/towards the ground, she can also help others to fly by using her powers-the more people she uses this with, the more focus it requires.

~ Super-hearing; when focused she can listen out for the voices of those she cares for no matter the distance.

~ Oxygen; Breeze can manipulate the Oxygen in a person’s body-able to cut off their primary source of air-this is a last resort move that is used to knock-out or kill an opponent.

~ Super-jump; when not flying, she can use her powers to give her an extra-boost, allowing her body to jump higher and further than that of a human.

~ Weightless; she can make only her own body light as a feather.

~ Agility; thanks to her wind powers, her agility, endurance, speed and reaction times are faster than a human’s.

~ Martial Artist (in training); Breeze is learning hand-to-hand combat and some weaponry lessons from various Mutants to broaden her skills that don’t require powers.

WEAKNESSES: With some of her abilities-mostly super-hearing and helping others to fly with her she must maintain focus otherwise with the latter she could drop others to their deaths from great heights. Also if her moods become to strong she may be subjected to outbursts of power, whereby she could easily blast people away from her-potentially killing them.

HOBBIES: Flying through the skies with unlimited freedom, exploring new places i.e. cafés, museums, galleries etc, going on long walks/car and train rides, watching TV, sketching anything that takes her interest with charcoal pencils, taking pictures of far-off wide-open scenery and shopping.

PERSONALITY: Breeze is a solitary woman, preferring her own space, although not a social person, she is welcoming to others. She takes her missions seriously, being one of the "older" X-men, Breeze tries to set an example to the younger team mates/students. Often others of various ages come to her for a second opinion and advice as she shows wisdom beyond her years and gives an unbiased view to each situation. She is very protective of her friends, sometimes overwhelmingly so, but she does it with good intentions. Breeze finds it hard to trust others, which is why she keeps to herself most of the time, her trust issues run so deep that she has never had a romantic relationship before, she always keeps up a mental wall to protect herself from others. Out of combat if someone touches her without her permission or prior knowledge she will flinch and in rare cases will react violently with her powers. However, once her trust is gained, there is very little she wouldn't do for the person in question.

PAST: Breeze is an only child and grew up with a "normal" childhood, her parents worked hard to get-by and she was doing well in school. Until one morning when playing with a friend, she fell from a really tall tree she'd climbed, falling to the ground would break her neck and spine, paralysing her if not killing her first, but whilst her friend and parents watched in horror from the sidelines as her imminent death loomed closer, her senses picked up on the life-threatening danger and jump-started into action, so instead of falling, she simply floated softly to the ground. It was then that she knew something was different about herself. From then on, her abilities began to grow stronger and uncontrolled, often occurring with her mood changing, from simple gentle breezes to a destructive hurricane that would tear down towns if it weren't for her parents placating her.

She lost her only friend who had gone around school calling her a "freak", the other students joined in, often throwing things at her and sometimes moving to hit her, but each time, her powers would kick in and prevent any harm coming to her, sometimes forcefully knocking away anyone that came close to harming her. Eventually, her parents moved them away from England over to America to find some place quiet to live. Instead of rejecting her, her parents became obsessed over keeping her abilities secret from the world, often refusing her to leave the house unsupervised. She was home-schooled from then on, rarely allowed to go outside and communicate with the world or people; always having to watch others do so from the safety of her house or on TV.

Her parents watched her like a pair of hawks, their obsessive "love" began to turn manipulative as the years went by and she grew into a teenager, always guilt-tripping her into doing what they said or wanted her to do, although they never physically abused her, their mental abuse continued on for all of her life until one day when her grandparents came to visit, they brought along a pamphlet about a school for the "gifted" and explained that this school was exactly what she needs; to be among people like herself and to socialise with others.

Her parents refused and continued to lock away their daughter, showering her with sugar-coated words and white lies, it is only until she reaches her early twenties, that Charles Xavier visits her, imploring her parents to reconsider. Continuously her parents refuse, not wanting to lose their only child to a world where she would no longer rely on them or need them. But Charles continued to visit to convince them otherwise, almost becoming a pesky guest that always turns up at the most inconvenient of times. Eventually, Charles endears himself to her parents, after almost two years of rejection, they finally allowed their daughter to go with Charles, under the strict promise that they are allowed to visit the school whenever they wish.

Because of such an extreme sheltered childhood and part of her adulthood, Breeze is a big introvert to everyone around them, initially distrusting others and their intentions. For the first year, Breeze was subjected to many panic attacks and violent outbursts, which Charles and Storm manage to help her control. Once she gained control of her abilities, Breeze began to settle in and relax more, though still not opening up to others, she is now able to smile and be polite.

OTHER INFO: Breeze is full-British and can speak some Japanese.
Well, I'm really sorry for the extremely long hiatus, it wasn't intentional, just lost inspiration and had things going on in my life-namely my nan passed away, so that was very hard.
I never actually left, I do come on this site and browse through it when I have a spare few minutes, often finding a lotta awesome creations :) But at the very least I shall be posting up dolls of character designs and various other stuff, probably pictures from my day-to-day travels.
I hope to put up some doodles/drawings eventually, but with work giving me SO many extra shifts (-not joking, I only had 1 day off last week and that was spent running around trying to get my shit together), I just haven't had any free time to sit down and let my muse take me somewhere D:

So yeah, I haven't gone completely, I'll still be hanging about at times.
In the meantime, if you drop a comment on the new doll designs I've created it would certainly give me a kick up the backside to do more, lol, also check out my favourites list, as I said, I'm occasionally on here-at least once a week continuously adding to it, I'm surprised that the favourite button hasn't broke yet XD

Anywho, this is just a heads up, but will hopefully be getting more involved now :)
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